Clumps of Balloons Photographed Invading Landscapes by Charles Pétillon

Photographer Charles Pétillon captures organized configurations of balloons in a variety of environments—trapping the illuminated natural shapes momentarily in his images. The huddles of balloons are metaphors for Pétillon, a nod to the objects, buildings, and constructions we frequently pass by in our busy lives without taking the time to actually discover them. Finally, twelvemonth he created a 177-foot-long set up for London’s Covent Backyard, a piece of work that he called Heartbeat.

“Every balloon has its ain dimensions and but is a constituent of a large however fragile composition that creates a floating cloud higher up the free energy of the marketplace beneath,” defined Pétillon most his 2015 set up. “This fragility is represented past contrasting supplies and likewise the whiteness of the balloons that displace and pulse showing as live and energetic because of the expanse itself.”

Pétillon’s phrases may live utilized to his electric current oeuvre, a collection of which is at present on show in a solo exhibition called Invasions. The works are featured at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris by Jan 14, 2017, and likewise, features a site-specific set up of balloons to reflect these inside his images. You possibly can consider a behind-the-scenes shoot beneath, as good as more than ultimate pictures of his balloon set on his website and Instagram. His piece of work can also be seen in the book Public Art Now.