Edit Photos Like a Professional

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Most professional photographers use Lightroom to edit their images. With Lightroom presets you are able to get PRO photographer’s steps and apply them to your own images. Edit your images with the help of experienced photographers. Choose a style that you like and get the images you have always wanted. 

The fastest way to edit your photos professionally is with Lightroom presets from However, there are a couple of tricks that you may want to know before you actually apply the preset. Mobile photography tips, framing, composition, and additional editing tips can make a huge difference as well. We will discuss all of these elements in this article. 

Edit Photos with Lightroom Presets presets allow you to edit your photos in the same way as a professional photographer would. When you choose the preset that you like, it automatically applies all of the different settings: clarity, exposure, highlights, whites, blacks, and so many more. 

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Lightroom presets from adjust the tone curve in such a way that it makes your photos POP. Add contrast within seconds and take your pictures to the next level today. 

Framing and Composition: Things You Need to Know

By shooting through objects, arches, windows and other things that can create a frame for your images. This adds depth to your photos and makes them visually appealing. In addition to that, you can add contrast by selecting different colors of the frame than your subject. This a great way to get creative and create an Instagram worthy shot. 

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The composition is one of the key elements in both photography and cinematography. One of the easiest ways is to create a central composition. All you need to do is to have a few main elements and place them in the center. For example, you place your subject in the middle of the photo and make sure that the background objects are directing towards your subject. 

Additional Editing Tips 

Lightroom is currently the number one tool that professional photographers use for editing their images. The best part about the mobile Lightroom is that the app is completely free. Hence, you only need the preset itself to be able to apply it and get the wanted results. 

When starting out, presets are a great way to go because there are so many different settings on Lightroom. If you have never edited your images before, you simply won’t know what kind of impact certain sliders will have on your images. However, you can definitely learn that by watching tutorials that explain in detail split toning or the tone curve. 

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For those who want a faster learning experience, getting presets is a way to go. Once you upload your preset, you can check the sliders and see which ones the preset edits. By making those same sliders more intense, you will get an edit that’s more vibrant as well. 

What If the Photo Looks Too Colorful? 

Sometimes you want a photo that’s a little less vibrant. No worries, in that case you can simply decrease the saturation handle that you find in color settings. The same principle applies if your skin tones look too orange. 

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Photo? 

Once the preset is applied, you can still make changes. An easy and quick way to add a personal touch to your photos is to simply increase the whites. The important part is that it will not change your colors and tones. That means that the general feeling of the photo will stay the same but there will be one additional tweak to your photo.