Emma Hartvig’s Photo Series Show The Beauty of Synchronised Swimmers

The Swimmers was made by Swedish photographer Emma Hartvig under a hot Californian sun in Los Angeles, after a request to collaborate with professional synchronized swimmers The Aqualillies.

"I chose to bring out a certain awkwardness, bizarreness, strength and collaborative perspective on the otherwise entertaining and beautiful performances," says Emma. "Like a showground for your body, the swimming pool is a ready-made stage for these swimmers.

"And that is what I adore about synchronized swimmers, the artwork, and the performance but the extreme physical effort it requires. Their bodies have been engrossed and strengthened -- heavier and lighter at the same moment. Weightless, but stronger."

Surprisingly, it was the first time Emma had experimented with underwater photography: "It was quite challenging to try to remain still underwater and concentrate and do it correctly. Luckily, I am a woman born from the sea, so I am very good at holding my breath underwater, so it went easily."

According to Paris, Emma's work is always smartly staged and investigated narratives inspired by cinema with a dash of tongue-in-cheek. Discover more at