“Fire and Fusion”: Giant New Composite Reveals Complex Patterns on the Sun

All images © Andrew McCarthy, shared with permission

Sun is a space object that has been admired for centuries. It was only possible to get a glimpse of its surface from space or through special telescopes in the past. Today, we have access to stunning images captured by professional photographers from space! One such photographer is Andrew McCarthy, who has created a new composite image of the sun’s surface—a 300-megapixel picture taken on November 29th at 2 p.m., revealing intricate patterns of swirling plasma and vibrant colors. You can view this spectacular photo in all its glory here! “Blinding rays of electricity arise from areas of heightened magnetic activity, pushing and pulling on the solar surface, resulting in beautiful patterns in the atmosphere.”

McCarthy’s website and Patreon offer high-resolution prints and full-resolution files of the spectacularly detailed shot, as well as more of his astrophotography on Instagram.