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Hats for Cats: Photo Project for Shelter Cats to Help Them Get Adopted

One of the hardest challenges of animal shelters everywhere is assuring that all of their rescue animals find a warm new home. But a beautiful ending isn't always an easy accomplishment. That's why some shelters are finding creative new ways to promote adoption. Take Brooklyn Animal Action, for instance, where two local creatives have stepped in to start a photography project for shelter cats and kittens to help them get adopted.

Photographer Shaina Fishman and fashion stylist Ryen Blaschke have united to create Hats for Cats, where the pair craft modern hats, such as the one worn by Pharrell at the Grammys and Robin Hood's woodsman hat –and then model them on cats to take photos of them, in the expectation that somebody will step forward and take that cat home. There's even a Donald Trump wig.

Via Bored Panda