Jan Erik Waider’ Photos Capture the Dark Beauty of Icebergs in Greenland

Inside his work, landscape photographer Jan Erik Waider explores the"raw stillness of the Nordic nations." Last year, we had been amazed by his gorgeous shots of Greenland's glacial landscapes. Now, Waider continues to captivate with Beyond No Man's Land, a series that dives deeper into his creative interest in the Arctic.

Beyond No Man's Land showcases the diverse beauty of icebergs in Disko Bay, a body of water near the Ilulissat Icefjord in western Greenland. Isolated and seemingly illuminated, the glowing white stripes contrast the dark waters and ominous skies. Each of the icebergs is extremely unique in shape, showing Waider's innate fascination in catching their natural silhouettes.

What's the secret behind his stunning shots? In addition to his evident mastery of makeup and eye for subject matter, Waider has developed tools that help enhance the atmospheric nature of his photographs. "Over the last five years I have created my private group of Adobe Lightroom presets for my own landscape and travel photographs were taken in Nordic countries such as Iceland, Norway or the Faroe Islands," he informs My Modern Met. "I refined the presets over and over again, so they not only deliver unique outcomes but also work for a wide range of landscapes and light situations."

If you'd like to emulate Waider's aesthetic, then you can purchase these eye-catching presets on his website.