People Around The World are Sharing Photos That Look Just Like a Wes Anderson Movie

There is an interesting photo hunt happening online, which makes much more interesting if you are a lover of this visual style seen in the iconic films by director Wes Anderson.

I am discussing the subreddit referred to as ‘Accidental Wes Anderson,’ where users upload the pics taken over the globe of buildings, sceneries as well as individuals who appear to belong to another Wes Anderson movie.

Perhaps there is a place such as this somewhere close to you? Then do not be afraid to share your photographs in the comments

The Exchange District In Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Chateau” By Jeremy Kohm In Ottawa, Canada


Estoi, Portugal


Berlin, Germany


Spadina Road, Toronto


“Ebb Tide” At Gold Crest Resort Motel By Tyler Haughey


Train In Flåm, Norway


Conference Room In North Korea


Malina Swimming Pool In Bratislava, Slovakia


Metro Train In Brussels, Belgium


Door In Kiev, Ukraine

Conservatory Of The George Eastman House In Rochester, U.S.


Good Records In Dallas, U.S.


Grand Hotel Misurina, Italy


A Chimney Sweep From Tallinn, Estonia


Dan Sully Photography: Singapore


Swimming Pool In Hamburg, Germany


Stadt-Bad Gotha In Gotha, Germany


Moomin House In Naantali, Finland