Photographer Axel Corjon takes photos of large metropolitan cities at night

A city is a place where it is happening a lot—starting on being a scenery for famous movies to being a place of living for ordinary people. It’s also a huge inspiration for many artists. French photographer Axel Corjon decided to capture its beauty on series of photos of daily scenes in populous municipal cities. What makes it even more surprising he is doing those photos during the nighttime. He explains that individuals are mostly resting at home, streets are empty, and that is causing the night hours somehow magical. Exploring the city at night is giving him also adrenaline he craves. The light and colors are constantly evolving due to actual light sources (vehicles, traffic lights, mirrors, etc…). It is giving to a place that you know well, completely different look. When you look at those photos, you see that it is not about showing only Instagram quality photography. He is showing realness and truth. The dominant colors in his works are shades of blue, neon pink, and gray. So if you want to touch a bit of magic, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with his works.