A Photographer Captured Perfectly Timed Photos On The Streets Of New York

The work of photographer Jonathan Higbee is evidence that there are flying sparks of inspiration and magic, in even the most mundane of moments.

His thoughtful and Profession imagery is much more impressive once you consider his topic live in New York. Known around the world as the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple is a bustling, booming and frenetic metropolis filled with constant movement, noise, energy, diversion, and color.

To have the ability to detect such easy yet short coincidence is a testament to not only Higbee’s vision but his patience in looking for those brief moments of calm in the storm of ordinary life.

It may be overwhelming if you first set foot onto the sidewalk of a Manhattan street. There’s extreme sensory overload: visual commercials are inescapable, street art and graffiti anywhere you look, sounds and scents blanketing the air, and, apparently, people.”


“An unbelievable deluge of strangers flood every street, 24/ 7. It’s an intensely surreal experience, experiencing the lifeblood of New York for the very first moment.” He explains


“I loved every moment of it. However, I wished to filter out the insanity and confusion — a fantastic metaphor for life in general, I believe — into something more manageable. My efforts at doing just that — taming the anarchy, catching the surrealist essence of New York — slowly crystallized into what’s my “Coincidences” project” he admits.

You can see more of his excellent imagery out of the show through his official website right here whilst limited edition prints also available via Jonathan’s online shop – trust us, they will look amazing on your wall!


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