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Pup portraits capturing original personalities of comical canines

Dog photography is a challenging aspect of the artistic realm. Elke Vogelsang, the German artist, proved that impossible became possible. Not only she won a canine's attention, but she also kept it. Elke mastered the art of taking fascinating photos of dogs. She captures everything - their puzzled head tilts, serious side-eye even their begging looks. In all of her photographs, we can see that every single one, of these pups is original and delightful. Her obsession began later in her life after dealing with family problems - her husband's mother with dementia. It was her way of getting help through this challenging and stressful time. Just as she planned the formative period, she's found her husband unconscious in the bathtub. It turned out that he has a severe brain hemorrhage. Despite the painful chapter of her life, she's decided to start the project.
In an interview, she reveals that it was a welcome distraction and sort of a diary for her husband, of a time in which he was in a coma. Vogelsang's husband recovered, but they both carried on with caring for aging and sick relatives. The photography remained constant. Artists' started having a lot of requests from people; they wanted her to photograph their dogs. Eventually, in May 2011, she's decided to register her own business as a photographer. Currently, Vogelsang works full time as a photographer, with a specialization in animal portraits. She's got a few muses - three Spanish rescue mutts, which are her constant source of laughter, joy, and recreation. When she was going through turmoil, they were the ones to comfort her. She tries to express her gratitude towards them through pictures. The artist repeatedly says that dogs are family members; you never get in trouble with them; they're pure, forgiving, and unpretentious.
Vogelsang's' pups learned how to pose. In her always growing portfolio, she also includes a variety of breeds and even cats. Check out her Instagram profile to explore her artwork.