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Wildlife Photographer Joe Neely Captures Two Cute Bees Taking a Nap on a Flower

Bees are vital to our existence. They are the most important pollinators of food crops on the planet. According to statistics, pollination is responsible for one-third of the food we consume each day.

Bees have a complicated life; they work hard, and they need their beauty rest as well. Joe Neely, a wildlife photographer, took this lovely shot of two bees resting on a flower. The photograph portrays the calm side of bees we seldom see because we don't notice them in their natural habitat. "When I and my fiancé Niccole went out to search for poppy blooms, the tale behind these photos [begins] when we stopped to take photographs of this pink flower meadow just off the roadway on our way back," Neely revealed.

"I went over and looked at it for a while, and more bees arrived. The empty blooms were quickly filled, and this one bee was left out. She crawled over to this open flower, got inside with the other one, stumbled around almost drunk-like, then fell asleep. I watched as he staggered about like a zombie before finally seating himself down."

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