Mind-Blowing Facts That You Would Not Believe

The world is full of amazing secrets and facts that not everyone knows. Although they are called facts, there are things that some people do not know, but when they hear it, it all makes sense. Whether you are not having a great day or want something to laugh at, here are some mind-blowing funny facts that you would hardly believe.

The small intestine is not as little as you think it is

First of the funny fun facts list is a human body part. Although a human’s small intestine is called as such, the name itself is not real. According to facts, the small intestine can measure up to 20 feet long, and they are about an inch big in diameter. 

On the other hand, a human’s large intestine can only measure up to 5 feet long, and they measure about three inches in diameter. With that, the small intestine is not tiny. It is longer than the large intestine and takes up more space in the human body than the large intestine. Indeed, the human body is full of wonder. 

The U.S money 9/10 has cocaine

The United States of America is considered to be one of the most fast-growing countries in the world. However, did you know that about 90% of the dollar bills circulating in the country’s economic system have grams of cocaine? An estimate of 0.0006 micrograms can be seen in one dollar. The reason for this might be the high exposure of drugs and drug use in the country. 

There is a place in the world called Hell

In Norway, there is a village that is genuinely called Hell. However, unlike in biblical books that say Hell is hot and steamy, the Norwegian town has a freezing temperature. The area temperature is always below 20 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, the number drops to negative temperatures, especially during the winter. 

Illegal cussing in Texas

Although Texas people are known to be wild and free, some areas in the state don’t allow cursing. When there’s a dead person, one is not allowed to cuss to the dead body. So, if you happen to live in Texas and someone you hate dies, cuss them in your head instead. Or else, you will go to jail. 

Post-sex sadness is real. 

Sex can be very beneficial to a person. Sexual activity can increase positive mood. However, there is a percentage of people in the world that experience sadness and distress after sex. It could be that the person has gone through post-coital dysphoria. Usually, this happens after a person’s orgasm.

Uranus’ first name is not what you expected.

We all know there are nine planets in the solar system, and that is a scientific fact. But, did you know Uranus was supposed to be named as George? The planet was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel. He first called it as the Georgium Sidus, or the Georgian world. The name came after the infamous King George III.

Cows are not a fan of country music 

Although we often see cows at farms and in the countryside, did you know they are not fans of country music? It may sound ironic and funny, but cows who listen to country music make 3% less than the usual milk produce they do. 

The study started when researchers observed 45 Scottish cows. The herd was made to listen to both country and classical music. During traditional music observation, the cows were able to produce more milk. With country music, their milk production reduced by 3% than the usual. 

Peanuts can be used as tiny bombs

Some people consider peanuts as some diarrhea explosives, but did you know you can also dynamite with it? When peanut oil is extracted, it can be a material in making nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin is the main component of making dynamite. 

Grey’s Anatomy’s organs are not as fake as you think it is

The organs used in the series are not human organs, but they are not fake as well. The show used cow organs when filming surgery and hospital scenes. According to the producers, using artificial and plastic organs would only make the drama look pretentious. Hence, they decided to use cow organs to make it more real.

The CDC is well-prepared in case there’s a zombie apocalypse in the future

Zombies are not close to being real yet, but did you know that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a section on their website about a zombie apocalypse? The site is known to have excellent monitors and computers for checking epidemics. They went the extra mile and made a preparedness guide if an apocalypse happened soon.

Knowing facts make your life more interesting

There is other cool stuff to consider around the world, and the ones that we enumerated are just some of them. It is always fun and enjoyable to know exciting and funny things every day, and each day is a perfect day to unlock a strange fun fact.