Paris Allows Residents to Plant Urban Gardens All Over the City

With its gorgeous gardens, plant-draped decks, and florists in every quartier, Paris without any doubt is flower-friendly city—and it’s about to get even greener.

Thanks to a recent lead, members of the Parisian public are now entitled to plant and maintain their own urban gardens. The plant proposal has popped up amid Mayor Hidalgo’s decision to introduce 100 hectares of green space to the city by 2020. Curious residents will receive renewable three-year-permits that allow them to grow anything from fruit and vegetables to flowers and plants.

While typical flowerbeds and old potted plants are completely acceptable, the offer prompts people to get creative; living walls and rooftop gardens are only a couple of creative ideas offered by the city. Though the flourishing possibilities are endless, the initiative does have its guidelines: the flora must by grown using sustainable methods and designed as a means to improve the aesthetic of the city.

Images via Patrick Blanc and Christophe Noël and Jean-Pierre Viguié/Mairie de Paris.

via InhabitatLa Relève et La Peste