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What to Do When We Require Extra Storage Space

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When our home just becomes too full of items, we simply have to act. We have not only created a space that is uncomfortable to live in but one that is a potentially dangerous environment. Particularly for children or the elderly. For anyone, it is inconvenient to work and move around excess objects.

To gain ourselves some room, we should consider extra space storage. This can be obtained by renting a storage space away from our home or making better use of the space that we have. It will sensibly be a combination of the two unless we are prepared to let go of or sell some of our items. Two things prevent this, though. Either we are keeping that item because it was bought for us by someone special or was inherited, or the item forms part of our retirement investment portfolio.

With all of the above in mind, we shall suggest here some solutions to create that extra space you need within your home to live in comfort and safety.

Storage Units

A separate unit, away from your home, can provide an excellent solution, in terms of housing items that you simply cannot fit inside your home anymore. Whether we are ready to sell them now or in the future, it buys time to make the right decision about them. We might regret selling them if we were too hasty with deciding. Sensibly, we can take our time by allowing the storage unit to take care of our immediate needs.

Storage units of varying sizes can be rented out to take care of a whole range or room of items, if necessary. We might, for example, make our previous storage area into a bedroom for a guest to stay.

Space Saving Solutions

We could also look to accommodate the items that we have more effectively. This can be by packing similar shapes together inside a cupboard or simply walking around our home and looking for unused cupboard space. It may be there is space that we still have to find. We do not necessarily need to have everything on display at once. For instance, we only have Christmas or holiday decorations out once a year.

Shelving within cupboards and drawers can make accommodating more items easier, without them damaging each other. Inside your attic, you can make more space by housing boxes within boxes, when you are keeping boxes so that an item under guarantee still retains its original packaging.

Metamorphic furniture is becoming more and more popular, as we all try to house more in smaller and smaller spaces. Housing is expensive and we will not want to rent or buy anywhere bigger than we need to. This will impact not only the cost of buying the home, but also the ongoing heating costs, and we all know how energy costs are continuing to rise. Also, it is eco-friendly to not heat a large home occupied by just a few people.

By metamorphic, we mean that the piece of furniture can transform into another purpose. There are also pieces of furniture that you can double up for another use. For example, you could have a sofa that becomes a bed or a storage chest that is also a top for eating off, playing a game on, or used for displaying ornaments. The possibilities are open to a bit of imagination, to decide how you could have a piece of furniture offer more than the obvious. You often see tables with a chessboard painted on top. That will have two obvious uses for its owner.

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Decision Time

Some decisions are difficult but still must be made. It can just be time to let go of items that are surplus to your requirements. Life moves on and circumstances change. 

A good way of keeping an item in the family is to pass it on to a son, daughter, or grandchild. Let them inherit it early and take care of it in a space that is away from the main home. 

For those wanting to keep items of furniture or wishing to keep items of furniture to pass on to another family member in the future, a storage unit provides an invaluable temporary space.

We might decide to change the look of our home every season. This is possible through item rotation and the use of a storage facility for that purpose. Your items will be well protected in secure and climate-controlled environments. Access is not a problem, as we can get our items whenever we need them.

The ideas above will hopefully prove useful in your quest to gain extra household space.