Alternative: Moss Graffiti & Could You Do It

Gardening can be without a doubt considered art. But there is one art that uses the basics of gardening.

Moss graffiti.

It very much resembles the usual graffiti painting but instead of spray and paint the artists use...moss.


It is not a difficult concept either. Aside from being a talented painter you only need to know the simple recipe for the moss paint.


In our era of information it is rather easy to find the ingredients for it, but I will make it easy for you:

- 2 handfulls of moss, you collected from non-public areas (it's really best to just buy it)

- butter milk or yogurt (non-flavoured)

- 2 cups of water or beer

- 2 tsp. sugar

- corn syrup (only to add this if you don't get the desired density)

You blend it all until smooth and you are ready to paint!



Depending on the climate a regular spraying with water would be required the first week or so. You need to keep your moss moist to give it a nice starting push.

moss graffiti


People we can trust about it advice that you make sure the moss painting gets daily sunlight by positioning it appropriately.



Once your moss graffiti has grown it will remain there until you(or someone else who doesn't like it) spray it with lime juice. In many cases just scraping it off won't work.

try it out!
Try it out!