‘A Real Working Invisibility Shield’: How Designers Created an Invisible Material

Images courtesy of Invisibility Shield Co.

It’s every little kid’s dream to become invisible, and thanks to the work of some creative designers, that dream may now be a reality. Designer Invisibility Shield Co. has created a material that makes people or objects disappear! This invisibility shield uses light to bend reflections away from the observer, making the subject essentially invisible. This invention has already produced a lot of buzz among scientists and fiction fans alike, even though it is still in its infancy. Because the lenses in this arrangement are vertically oriented, when the vertically oriented strip of light is dispersed horizontally through the back of the shield and onto a distant subject, it quickly becomes quite faint. Who knows – maybe we will all have our invisibility shields one day!

On the other hand, the background light is considerably brighter and broader, so when it passes through the shield’s rear, much more of it is refracted both across the shield and towards the viewer. ‘The audience’s viewpoint is that this backlighting is successfully smeared horizontally over the front face of the shield, covering the zone where the subject would usually be seen,’ according to the team.

Take caution that the invisibility shield isn’t meant to keep individuals safe from attacks. It’s made to hide the subject while still allowing you to see them, and its flexible and non-rigid components are used in the shield faces and supports. The group reiterates that their shields were not intended to resist assault and are thus useless in such circumstances.

The material is UV and temperature resistant, and it’s robust since the same substance is utilized for external signage and marine applications. The team’s commitment to reusability pivots on their shipping and production methods. ‘The factory will recycle 98 percent of waste and offcuts on-site, allowing the CNC machining to take place in a location where this is possible. The shields are completely recyclable and will be shipped in cardboard boxes that are also completely recyclable. Each shipment will include recycling instructions and “recycle me” stickers on the shields to ensure that all backers are informed that the shields can and should be recycled if no longer needed,’ the team adds.

The designers claim that the internet was ablaze several years ago, discussing independent creators working on making science fiction a reality and developing fully functioning invisibility shields. ‘In workshops and garages, people were trading designs, sharing ideas, and some of us were even stitching sketchy-looking shields together. During this period, I made many of the first invisibility shields, which were not as good as they are today. Although these early versions did not work well, and there were several hurdles to overcome, it still appeared conceivable that working invisibility shields would be possible one day.

However, by the end of 2020, progress was stuck. With too many challenges overcome, few people appeared to be manufacturing new prototypes any longer, and most individuals had abandoned the notion altogether. We were disappointed by the lack of progress and the continued unavailability of functional invisibility shields, so we decided to take a risk and go all-in on our effort to develop one.’

Invisibility Shields Co. went through many prototypes, tested a variety of materials, and had its fair share of failures before coming up with a scalable and efficient manufacturing process that they claim may be the best invisibility shields ever created.