Check Out This Breathing CyberPowerPC Case That Will Make Your Desktop Alive!

When PC gamers want to show off their PC setup, they use RGB lighting and water cooling. But what if you could make your PC look like it was alive? This is the question that CyberpowerPC asked themselves when designing their new Kinetic PC Case. The result is a PC case with mechanical vents that open and close to reveal the PC’s fans. Eighteen of these kinetic “gills” are on this unique case, bringing life into your desktop setup!

The PC cabinet announced at CES 2022 has an elegant all-white design as the ideal backdrop for the rose-gold dynamic front. The front face comprises 108 triangular panels connected with a series of hinges, and it has a polygonal matrix of 18 vents. Sensors within the PC constantly monitor the PC’s temperature, and the vents open to allow more air to flow through when needed, thus cooling down the PC. Sure, it’s gorgeous to look at, but the Kinetic Case’s real-world applications make it even more appealing. Vents do not open and close at random... The vents respond to areas of the PC that are vulnerable to heating and open the proper vents, resulting in a “breathing” cabinet.

Designer: CyberPowerPC

“Is it possible for a chassis to do more and be more than simply a box of holes?” Nam Hoang, the creative director at CyberPowerPC, asks rightfully. In the meantime, low-cost cabinets have been slipping into a sort of quiet, with even high-end firms adding simply frills to what is essentially a plastic and metal box. The seamless integration of style, performance, and modification is something Hoang and his team have been working on: it's truly incredible. It feels like a logical next step for PC cabinets/cases, and it’s exciting to think about what they’ll be able to accomplish with it. The Kinetic Case is an intelligent being that grows and breathes while using your computer. It intelligently monitors your usage, surroundings, and internal temperature levels to adjust ventilation. The vents in the Kinetic Case change depending on how you use it, much like the fan on your laptop speeds up while running a lot of heavy programs at once and slows down when you’re just typing a document. The vents open automatically in a serious game to enhance airflow. The vents remain shut while using Gmail or YouTube. “It isn’t only about maximum airflow; it’s also about thoughtful airflow,” Hoang adds.

Given that CyberPowerPC just announced the Kinetic Case at CES hours ago, little information is available on its build and specs. The manufacturer has yet to reveal how the vents work, whether their use can be customized, what material they’re constructed of, and if there are color choices. On the other hand, the firm claims that by the third quarter of this year, it expects to have systems in production for the Kinetic Series, and it’s considering selling the case separately for roughly $250 if there is a lot of consumer demand for it.