25 Ridiculously Beautiful Places You’d Rather Be Having Adventures In Right Now

We can’t all be globetrotting secret agents or jet-setters like The Most Interesting Man In The World, but we can definitely plan awesome vacations to take us to some cool places we can have an adventure or two in. Here are 20 amazing pictures of equally amazing places that will get your mind wandering, whether you’re sitting at home, at a desk or in traffic.

1. Climbing baobab trees in Morondava, Madagascar

baobob trees in madagascar

2. Watching a volcano erupt… Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

3. Dipping your toes into a lake at Glacier National Park, Montana.


4. Hopping around on The Giant’s Causeway – an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland


5. Checking out gigantic dunes in Namibia

gigantic sand dune in namibia

6. Trying not to get burned by a continuously active volcano’s lava in Ethiopia

7. Rainbow peepin’ at Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite National Park

rainbow colors form at the base of bridalveil falls in yosemite national park

8. Watching storms approach from the False Kiva in Canyonlands, Utah

a perfect storm captured from the giant window of the false kiva in canyonlands, utah

9. Entering the Mysterious Hallway…a thick grove of poplar trees in northern Oregon


11. Admiring Soca, the most beautiful river in Slovenia

soca, the most beautiful river in slovenia

12. Dodging storm clouds in the Dolomites, Italy

dodging storm clouds in the dolomites, italy

13. Being tempted to lick the turquoise ice on Northern Lake Baikal, Russia

licking the turquoise ice on northern lake baikal, russia

14. Hang-gliding over the Hidden Beaches of Kapaa, Hawaii.

hang-gliding over the hidden beaches of kapaa, hawaii.

15. Leaf-ing your cares behind during autumn in the Swiss Alps

leaf-ing your cares behind during autumn in the swiss alps

16. Deciding on which island to explore at Thousand Islands Lake, China


17. Awestruck in in a glow worm cave in Waitamo, New Zealand


18. Gearing up to take on the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado

gearing up to take on the flatirons in boulder, colorado

19. Getting your mind blown in the Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado.


20. Staring at this view with a dumb look on your face in Cueva Ventana, Puerto Rico


21. Rolling up on Mount Kilimanjaro in Masai Mara, Kenya

rolling up on mount kilimanjaro in masai mara, kenya

22. Smelling the pretty flowers near Mt. Fuji, Japan

smelling the pretty flowers near mt. fuji, japan

23. Wondering what it would be like to fall off Mt. Thor in Baffin Island, Canada…the largest vertical drop on Earth (4,101 ft)



24. Doing this. Isle of Skye, Scotland.


25. Going pretty much wherever in New Zealand and snapping epic photos.