a large stone building with a mountain in the background

Beautiful Scenery From The Little-Known Country Of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country in Europe that borders Black Sea, Turkey and Greece. Although many foreigners haven't heard of it, Bulgaria can offer some of the most breathtaking views. The country is famous for its rose oil and yogurt. Actually, it produces 70% of the rose oil in the world. Bulgaria has a lot of interesting customs and traditions - the ritual "nestinarstvo" is the most unusual one. It involves barefoot walking and dancing on live coals without getting your feet burned. Have a look at the photos and get a taste of Bulgaria!

белоградчишките скали

Belogradchishki rocks - one of the 7 wonders of the world!


Ledenika cave - one of the caves where you can find bats!


Seven Rila Lakes - beautiful mountain lakes


Rose picking


Krushuna Waterfalls


Nestinarstvo - a Bulgarian ritual

troyan monastery

Troyan Monastery


Kukeri - a tradition of chasing away the evil spirits


Sreburna National Reserve for endangered species

Put Bulgaria on your travel calendar! You won't regret it!