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Find the beauty during train journeys

moving train near trees

Rail journeys have been few and far between in the last 18 months. With UK lockdowns keeping people safe in their homes, trains have either been halted entirely or used very sparingly by those who could not work from home. 

Now that the UK governments of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have lifted almost all social restrictions, rail travel is on the up again. Especially for commuters returning to the office more regularly. 

A staycation boom has happened as well – driven by weary travellers who don’t want to deal with the confusing rules around international travel. Many people have been crisscrossing the UK by rail to explore new places in recent months, due to rail travels convenience and speed.

Beyond being an easy way to travel, trains also offer travellers the ability to slow down and enjoy the beautiful British countryside as they travel. Often not easy to enjoy when travelling by motorways. 

orange train between fall trees

Train operators are more aware of travellers’ desire to get more from their train journeys too. With increased on-board food services, enhanced cleaning services, and more favourable booking options. 

The view outside the window is increasingly important too. Train operator Grand Central, who runs services through Yorkshire and down to London understands the beauty of the countryside they travel through, and how important it is for passengers. 

Catharine McBurnie, head of marketing for Grand Central Rail, had this to say, "Across all of our routes, we are really lucky that our trains pass through such stunning scenery each and every day, and we’re eager to show that a journey with us is about much more than getting from A to B.”

In fact, on many of their routes such as their trains to York, Grand Central is embracing the English and Yorkshire countryside like never before. Proving popular with passengers, whose numbers are steadily increasing. 

Yorkshire itself has seemingly boundless scenery to explore. From the rolling hills and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales National Park to epic coastlines and the North York Moors. On each journey, there is ample verdant scenery to enjoy as you travel. 

Booking a window seat in advance is one way to enjoy the beauty as you travel, but it is also important to consider what you do onboard. Try switching your phone off and leaving your laptop in your bag. 

Then, all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch the beautiful world go by.