How to Plan the Best Boat Trip

aerial photo of white yacht

When it comes to travelling, one of the best ways you can spend your time is by getting out on the water. There is nothing more exciting than sailing through open water - when you factor in fishing, swimming, a barbecue and some water skiing, it really doesn’t get better. Whether you are overseas or travelling domestically, a boat can completely change your holiday experience.

With this being said, the perfect day out on the water takes some planning - on top of the more important safety stuff, the right planning will ensure that you have an experience with friends and family that you won’t forget. 

Having What You Need

The first part of your boat trip plan should be to determine what you need to bring - this is a list that can seriously add up, however getting on top of it early on in the planning process will ensure that nothing is left until the last minute, or forgotten altogether. 

Start with the smaller things - this category might include non-essentials such as certain clothing items, some rope replacements, polish or cleaner refills - whatever you can think of. If you don’t know where to start, check out your boat and make a list (if you will be using your own) - otherwise, whilst you should check out clothing and accessories, boat maintenance products likely won’t be as much of a concern.

Another category of items that is important to be thorough with is safety - whether you need life jackets and the appropriate gloves, a first aid kit, new fire safety equipment, or just need a full tube of sunscreen, be sure not to forget anything. 

Next, be sure not to forget any boating accessories - if you are planning on cooking, fishing or anything similar, make sure you have the appropriate equipment - once you are on the water, there is nothing worse than forgetting something you thought you had. 

Finally, move on to the bigger things. Whether your boat needs some upgrades (if you have your own), or you are interested in some of the more serious boating gear out there. You might even be thinking about buying a new boat altogether, in which case Grays is a great place to start. 

Knowing Where You’re Going

Once you have everything you need, shift your focus towards where you’ll be going. There are a few things to consider when making a decision. 

Firstly, consider your priorities in regard to your trip - if your main focus is to visit a certain place or to take in beautiful scenery in general, then you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from. On the other hand, if you are focused on doing a particular activity, whether it is fishing, waterskiing, or diving, your options might be changed as a result 

With what you want to do in mind, do some research surrounding what is around the area you will be boating in, and if there are any hidden gems that you might want to visit. If you are feeling adventurous or will be taking a multi-day trip, you can even choose multiple destinations, provided they are close enough to each other. 

person sailing on ocean

Getting Your Entertainment Needs Sorted Out

The final thing to keep in mind when planning your boat trip is in terms of the on board entertainment you will have. You will need to sort out music, consider planning some activities, and be sure not to forget food. 

In terms of music, the best approach to take is to make a playlist - if you’re going out on a hot day, a summer playlist can make or break your boat trip. Getting everyone to contribute can result in a soundtrack to your day that everyone loves. 

Food is another important part of your trip - if you are going out all day, or for multiple days, you will need to consider main meals, as well as snacks. A barbeque is a great way to approach the task of making lunch, and a spread with some chips and dips is another good option that ensures the hassle of preparing and making food is minimized.