River in Infrared – alpacas cuteness captured by Paolo Pettigiani

Paolo Pettigiani follows the beautiful landscapes of Bolivia Infraland set, where he continues to photograph settings with the alpaca river series.
The scenes represent a red stream, populated by a herd of fluffy, four-legged friends, located along the road to Patapampa in Peru.
The infrared snapshotting seems to do the unthinkable because for a variety of reasons, amongst which is: it turns dense green landscapes to red and makes the group of alpacas cuter than ever.
Italian photographers' previous work took place in the Dolomite Mountains and Dubai's sand and skyscrapers.
Pettigianis' series of alpaca river embody his well-known technique, in which he increases the sensitivity of his equipment to ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light. It gives an extreme reaction to chlorophyll, which we usually can find in algae, grass, and greenery. On some occasions, some of the cute alpacas, receive a red cloud-like coat.