The Legend of the Russian Dragon: Life-Size Zmei Gorynich at Kudykina Gora

Have you ever dreamed of riding a dragon? Well, now is your chance! The Russian theme park Kudykina Gora has created a life-size dragon sculpture for visitors to enjoy. In Russian folklore, this dragon is known as Zmei Gorynich, which means "the Dragon, Son of the Mountain." If dragons are just as fascinating to you as they are to me, then be sure to visit this fantastic sculpture at Kudykina Gora!

According to tales, this 49-foot-tall iron and concrete sculpture is inspired by the serpent-like beast from Russian folklore. It's located outside of the tiny hamlet of Kamenka in Lipetz Province. In 2015, Ukrainian sculptor Vladimir was commissioned to create the work and needed two years to complete it. The finished piece has three heads on long and twisting necks, all aiming in various directions; two wings; and four enormous legs. The sculpture's body is decorated with subtle aspects of dragon scales, claws, and fangs to make the colossal figure appear even more lifelike and frightening.

Before they enter the park's enclosure, tourists may view the sculpture. The actual event occurs every weekend and holiday at 7 p.m. when the dragon comes to life. The Zmei Gorynich monument screams before breathing real fire and smoke from each of its heads at that moment.

You may see it for yourself at the Kudykina Gora theme park near Kamenka, Russia.

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