Icelandic Police

Top Cop! 15 Reasons Why Icelandic Police Are Simply The Best

Iceland is a wonderful and friendly country that’s perhaps best known for volcanos and vikings, but one of their best-kept secrets is their amazing police force. If you don’t believe me, take a look at a few of these photos from the official instagram of the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police right now. You can pack your luggage later.

1. They fly the flag for equal rights.


2. They care about the local wildlife.

Icelandic Police 2

3. They don’t mind giving a helping a hand.

Icelandic Police 3

4. They have fine taste in food.

Icelandic Police 5

5. They lift.

Icelandic Police 4

6. They’re dog people.

Icelandic Police 6

7. And they’re cat people.

Icelandic Police 9

8. They look pretty in pink.

Icelandic Police 8

9. They know how to grow a mo.

Icelandic Police 7

10. They’re big on Baywatch.

Icelandic Police 10

11. They can nail a kickflip.

Icelandic police 11

12. They’re artistic.

Icelandic police 12

13. They love winter sports.

Icelandic police 13

14. They relish a good book.

Icelandic police 14

15. They enjoy being at one with nature.

Icelandic police 15


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