Unique Photos Of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Revived By Nature

No matter how far humankind develops, we will never be a match for Mother Nature's turbulent power. She is able to reclaim our best creations at the blink of the eye.

Armed with a full spectrum camera along with a 590nm infrared filter from Kolari Vision, Vladimir Migutin visited the 1000-square-mile stretch of forsaken land at Ukraine to capture Mother Nature at work. The atomic catastrophe at Chernobyl forced humans to move on, but animal and plant life have redoubled their efforts, altered the wasteland into a lush landscape. felt as though I was at a "kind of" paradise on a different planet.

Ten years following the fallout, while men remain away, the woods, the creatures, the plants, what's thriving, revived by nature.

"It is pretty difficult to describe the total atmosphere I experienced on this trip," Migutin says of the two-day excursion. "Regardless of the events of 1986, the ruins, and the rust, so I did not have gloomy feelings while traveling. On the contrary, it felt as though I was in a "type of" paradise on another planet.

"Thirty years after the fallout, while men still stay away, the woods, the creatures, the plants, everything is flourishing, revived by character."

Check out more of Migutin's intriguing work on his Instagram.