Two Vortex Rings Collide in Slo-Mo Video by Destin Sandlin

Destin Sandlin spent years trying to recreate a happening he witnessed 5 years ago -- two vortex rings clashing with each other, creating a group of smaller rings consequently.

Working in cooperation with David Linderman, he finally captured a similar crash in high resolution, which is currently published in most of its slow movement glory on his YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay.


This incredible experimentation was decades in the making, as Destin and his team worked through failure after failure to recreate and catch a mesmerizing demonstration of vortices colliding in water.

While it resembles a relatively straightforward experiment with ink within an aquarium, there were so many variables to consider this project took four years from concept to end to catch. Destin's aim was to recreate the vortex crash experimentation, last captured on a fuzzy videotape in 1992, in magnificent, clear high-definition.

And then there's the equipment to capture the experiment in the high-tech vision Destin was aiming for.