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Escape The Nightmare Of Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner. All the hassle around buying presents and trying to figure out what romantic surprise to prepare for your beloved one can make you go insane. If you are one the single side don’t be ashamed of it. Relationships

Color Photographs of Paris of the 1950's

When people think of vintage street photographs of Paris, we typically come across beautiful monochrome snaps of the famous French capital. However, there are also impressive street snaps of the beautiful city from the past decades in glorious color. Take a look at a handful

Reuters' Most Powerful Photos of the Year 2013

International agency Reuters is the world’s authoritative provider of news and business information. Reuters’ reports differ rapidity, accuracy and independence, making Reuters retains more than a century reputation as a leader of the industry. Every year the agency summarizes and publishes summary of the most