CBD For Taking Good Care of Dogs – Does It Work?

photo of brown and white coated puppy

As humans, there is nothing more that we want to have other than another companion. After gaining all the physiological needs, we always look for someone to be with us. It might just be a simple camaraderie or an outright relationship, but it is rather important to us as a species. No human can ever live alone as we need other people to survive. 

Based on evolution, those who have chosen to be separated from the group had difficulty in surviving in the wild. Nowadays, more people are finding out that they can also have something else for a companion.

Dogs have been considered as pets for a long time. However, it was more of a symbiotic relationship to humans rather than an actual bond. According to this page, we only domesticated these animals because we need something from them. 

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With the dog’s case, we needed their assistance in hunting, gathering, and protecting the home. Their powerful noses, sharp fangs, and nimble legs made them the best assistants that humans could ever have. In return, we feed and take care of them and their possible offspring. Some people even turn this into a business, breeding hounds with other lineages to create a better breed. 

Age-Old Issues, Modern Solutions

However, there are a lot of issues that come with taking care of a dog. It might be easier than raising a child, but it can still be challenging for the uninitiated. Each breed ( and even dog) has their own distinct personalities. 

For example, a herding dog will always follow its instincts to guide another animal like sheep and goats. If it does not find one to ”herd”, then it will look for others like humans. Aside from this, they can also suffer from diseases that are out of your control. This is why we still look for ways to make them feel better in any situation. 

person holding white and brown long coated small dog

For us humans, we have supplements that provide us with vitamins and mineral shows we need for everyday life. On the other hand, animals can have them as well. There are many kinds of medicines that were developed specifically for animal care, from omega 3 supplements to dental care products for dogs. However, you might be surprised that there are some products that are also effective. 

For example, you might have heard of CBD or cannabidiol. It is a compound that is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. There are many kinds of these products available in the market these days. You can even check the official pethempcompany webpage for more information about this.

Cannabis for Healing

We all know that cannabis is one of the most popular substances in the world. Its effects have been documented in many scientific articles as well as fictitious accounts. However, its effects on animals has never been studied up until now. 

Surprisingly, there are many benefits for them to take it, specifically your canine friends. There were many pet owners who were surprised that their dogs responded positively to this drug. The studies involved in this specific topic is still limited, but many pet owners swear on the effectiveness of CBD products, specifically oil.

One of the areas that CBD affects immediately is the behavior of your mutts. If you are having problems in influencing them, then this might help you. It calms your dog enough and keeps them docile. The effect might not last long, but this is also beneficial when you are trying to calm them down. Some pooches might be jumpy around bright lights or loud sounds. 

white and brown coated dog walking on grass field

Also, there have been cases wherein it is possibly helping them in pain management because of the drowsiness. Some even say it can help with cancer, but still needs more evidence. Learn more about it here:

If your mutt is experiencing any kind of medical problem, you need to inform your vet right away. They need to check on your pet so that they can diagnose their issues as soon as they can. You can use these products, but you need to make sure that it is made specifically for animal use. There are certain versions of CBD that can be dangerous to your beloved pet especially those with THC

However, please do not just rely on CBD and its related products. They are certainly helpful, but you must also think about your dog’s needs.