‘Denali’ – Photographer Ben Moon’s Cinematic Tribute to His Beloved Dog

Hey you there, are you sleeping? Wake up, hear… It’s the beat of your heart; you are alive! Wake up! I have a story to tell you…

It’s a fairytale about adventures, freedom, joy and love… the pure love of a dog - Denali.

Denali is a dog who took the most incredible journey through life thanks to his owner - the photographer Ben Moon. This happy dog had been a big part of Ben’s life and work. They both used to travel together around the US, climb mountains, camp, sail and everything else a nomad’s soul would desire… They even earned fame with their numerous show-ups on magazine covers throughout the years…

denali and ben's adventures

But this is not a story about fame, it’s a story about the true canine friendship and its tragical end. In June 2004, Ben was diagnosed with cancer at the 3th stage. Throughout the medical treatment - surgeries and chemo, Denali stood by his owner’s side and played a huge part in his recovery...

ben and denali

Their friendship began in November 1999 when they both met at an animal shelter. Denali, believed to be a mix of pitbull and husky, was just two months old. "As soon as I passed him, he put his paw out, cocked his head and kind of looked at me," Moon said. As if Denali chose Ben for their great adventure through life.

first meeting

They had the chance to be together for nearly 15 years, even at the worst times. Ben was absolutely impressed by Denali's loyalty and affection when he got sick. Denali showed a gorgeous expression of love, gratitude, and friendship and thanks to the nurses who allowed the dog in the hospital room; he supported his owner during the recovery process.

denali in the hospital

"When he was in the hospital bed with me, he'd just sort of step up there so gently, it was kind of mind-blowing," Moon said. "He made sure he wasn't touching anything that was in pain and not invade my space."


In 2014, Denali himself endured cancer…

The dog, just as his owner, showed a great spirit to fight cancer. But after a several surgeries, respiratory and kidney problems, he slowly came to his end…


As a huge “Thanks” and a last “Goodbye” to his friend, Ben created a film, named “Denali”. It is a short tribute to his canine companion, captured from the dog's perspective in his last days. This short film won Best of Festival and People's Choice awards at Colorado's 5Point Film Festival in April and made millions of people cry…

Moon shared he asked Denali to stay healthy and happy for just one more month to accomplish the film. And exactly one month later, he passed away at the age of 14 years and a half, as the most beloved canine...

See how a man celebrates a canine’s friendship with the “Denali” film and learn more about the selfless love from a dog:

“When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”

"It felt like this Grand reciprocation because he had been with me while I had gone through cancer," said Ben.

ben moon and denali

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