Preparing Your Spare Room For A Comfortable Guest Stay

The feeling is common with those of you who describe yourself as “house proud” - that excited anticipation in finally being able to use your guest room and prepare your house to look it’s best. You didn’t buy those Egyptian cotton sheets and Richard Haworth tablecloths for nothing, and it’s finally time to fill every vase in the house with flowers and every candle holder with a tea light. But how do you go that extra mile to ensure that your guest feels at home? Here are few tips on making your guest room the most comfortable experience ever.

Create A Toiletries Crate

There have probably been plenty of times where you have gotten to your destination only to realise you have forgotten multiple things and will have to buy them at the nearest store. Toothbrush, makeup remover, deodorant - all important things that help you to feel ready for the day. Creating a complimentary crate of minis for your guest to ensure they have everything they need will help them to feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. You can even go as far as to buy some special luxury bubble bath and some pampering treats, to offer your guest the ultimate relaxing evening and a perfect night’s sleep. If you know your guest has trouble sleeping in new places, leaving a selection of their favourite films out, your Netflix password and a lavender sleep spray to help them drift off, will help them to keep any anxiety they feel about not being able to sleep at bay.

Leave Extra Blankets and Pillows

Have you ever stayed in a hotel but feared going down to reception to ask for an extra blanket or pillow? It can be the same for guests at your house - no matter how close they are to you, they may hate the idea of waking you to ask for another blanket, and would rather be a little chilly all night than disturb you. If you stayed as a guest in someone’s house before, you might have had a similar feeling. Leaving extra blankets and pillows - even if not needed, will show your guests that you literally have thought of everything they may need.    

Bottled Water and Snacks

How many times have you woken up in the night feeling thirsty or hungry? It is extremely hard to get back to sleep with the tummy rumbles. Your guest may feel comfortable to help themselves in the middle of the night, but depending on who they are and how comfortable they feel in your home, you may want to prepare their bedside table. If you opened a few bottles of wine over dinner, they might be feeling particularly thirsty in the morning, so stock up the room so they can stay hydrated. Likewise, some salty snacks like crisps, or something sweeter like chocolate, will always go down well, helping you to stay in your guest’s favour by offering more than they anticipated they would need.

There you have it - a few tips and tricks to show you are the hostess with the mostess - just try to play it cool when the compliments start rolling in about how accommodating, and comfortable your guest room is. You never know, you may even end up with a long list of people willing to visit you for a weekend, causing you to start taking bookings in advance.