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The Flow Wall Desk: A Revolutionary Work surface that Converts to Art

a wooden chair
All images courtesy of Robert van Embricqs

Do you ever feel like your desk is taking over your home? It’s not just you. In this modern age, remote working is becoming increasingly popular, making the need for practical yet chic worktops more relevant than ever. Amsterdam-based designer Robert van Embricqs has created a desk that solves this problem.

The “Flow Wall Desk” is a sophisticated yet minimal piece of furniture that smoothly transforms from art to office without occupying too much space in your home. It supports up to 40 pounds, gracefully unfurls, and morphs into an ergonomic work corner with organic movements.

Explore this desk and other creative modular designs at van Embricqs’s shop, or follow his mesmerizing works on Instagram!

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a chair sitting in front of a wooden table
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