Uber Cool IKEA Assembly Hacks & Tricks

All You Need Is an Ikea Idea!

The well-known IKEA furniture assembly concept has given a spark to a global wave of home furnishing improvisations, hacks an passionate lovers. Now flat pack furniture has become more affordable than ever and has proven to be a highway for interior design creativity all over the world! In this particular post I am about to share a favorite furniture collection of IKEA ready to assemble unit tricks and tips:

1. IKEA Shelves Are Awesome

Awesome or what?

Building high shelves is one of the most common and at the same time efficient usages of an IKEA shelve. Almost all models the IKEA company has to offer are more than suitable for this particular idea: LACK, PERSBY, EKBY, HEMNES and you could even think of an suitable assemblage for the KLIMPEN. The upper part of walls is a spot that people barely put to use, so why keep on wasting it like that?

home furnishing with ikea furniture shelves & creative interior design
IKEA furnishing creative usage

2. Drawers Do the Job of Two

When it comes down to functionality and creativity - ready to assemble drawers are simply awesome! Building a stairway of these will surely take some nerves and montage effort, but if you have already have experience with building flat pack furniture - you're going to make it. As a furniture assembler I've done quite a lot of drawers, but this one in particular I have not yet tried this one. Have no doubts - it's on my list.

stairs and drawers in one
Ikea drawers transformed to stairs

3. IKEA Beds are the Best!

The Bunk bed Tree House

Take my word - I've browsed thousands of flat pack furniture assembly hacks and beds are among the most awesome units, when it comes down to building those into children playgrounds. You could transform both floors or either one (like this Flat Pack Mydal bunk bed hack). When it comes down to an IKEA assembly service provider - you will have to place a special order to get help for such a furnishing hack but it is far from impossible.

Just my 2 cents here.

a mydal bunk bed transformed to a childrens playhouse

A Bunk Bed Cottage Hack

Children love bunk beds!

a mydal bunk bed cottage hack
А Mydal Bunk Bed Hack

This simple IKEA instructions manual shows exactly how the building is done. This flat pack assemblage is both easy do a montage and impressive at the end. You won't need a professional fantastic furniture assembly service and your children will surely fall in love with it. All you need are a few wooden planes, some nails, and you're all set. In case you do not wish to montage any more solid wood, you could improvise with lighter materials like plastic or even paper.


4. Everybody Loves the IKEA Man

the famous ikea man character
Ikea MAN


This one is not an IKEA flat pack unit, but it's still a hell of a charming one, especially if you are a passionate flat pack furniture fan like I am. It took me no more than a second to fall in love with it. I wonder how IKEA has not come up with flat-pack wooden floors yet. They will surely rock the market.



floor made of ikea man like parts
It's the IKEA man isn't it?


5. IKEA Bookcases and Bookshelves

The Secret Billy Boocase Hidden Door

a billy bookcase used as a hidden door
Billy's secret

This is my favorite part!

Every IKEA piece of furniture that is sold in pieces packed flat in a box for easy transport and is assembled by the buyer is an ocean of possibilities! No wonder the Billy bookcase is the the #1 flat pack unit seller for all time! It's not only a wonderful piece of cheap furniture, but it looks great and fits into another million of awesome furniture hack ideas. Is there anything cooler than a Billy Bookcase, transformed to a secret hidden door?

An upside down Billy Bookcase

billy's bookcase bottom part dismantled and turned upside down.
Upside down!

Here's another on of my favorite Ikea assembly tricks. Simply dismantle the Billy bottom plank and turn the unit upside down. How would you put it to use?


6. Ikea Doll Beds and Cats

ikea doll beds turned to cat beds
Cuteness overload

Cuteness overload! Not only IKEA's full size flat pack beds are awesome but these miniature doll units are even cuter than a bunny! Building these flat packs is uber easy, does not require professional furniture assembly services and will surely make both you and your feline a ready to assemble furnishing fan. You have my word here.


7. IKEA Floor to an IKEA Wall

ikea wooden floor hacked to be a wall
Ikea floor to wall

Mount the tiles with screws directly on the wall, although it would be a really good idea to montage those to a wooden frame. Slick and clean, right?

Hope you folks have enjoyed my humble collection of uber cool IKEA Assembly hacks and ideas.


A professional furniture assembler
and passionate IKEA assembly lover.