Father Builds Life-Sized Tank from ‘World of Tanks’ for His Son

The original narrative revolves around Trương Văn Đạo, a Vietnamese woodworker, and YouTube content creator behind the channel ND Woodworking Art. Known for constructing impressive wooden replicas of luxury cars, Văn Đạo recently expanded his portfolio by building a life-sized, drivable STRV 103 tank for his young son. The tank is an adaptation of a vehicle made famous in the video game “World of Tanks.” The project evolved from a basic steel frame and rubber wheels to a fully operational machine, complete with an electric motor, chain drive system, and tank treads. Various phases of the project have been documented on the ND Woodworking Art’s YouTube channel.

The Craftsman and the Context

Trương Văn Đạo is a Vietnamese artisan specializing in woodworking. He is not only a father but also the owner of a wood workshop and the YouTube channel ND Woodworking Art. Hailing from a country known for its rich history of craftsmanship—Vietnam has a GDP of $261 billion (as of 2019) and its primary industries include manufacturing and information technology—Văn Đạo represents a fusion of traditional woodworking techniques and modern innovation.

From Cars to Tanks

Prior to this venture, Văn Đạo had already established himself by building wooden replicas of Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini cars. However, the transition from automobiles to tanks was fueled by a specific incident: he accidentally broke his son’s remote-controlled tank. The STRV 103 tank model he chose for his new project is notably featured in the popular video game “World of Tanks,” which has garnered millions of players worldwide since its release in 2010.

The Construction Journey

The process of constructing the wooden tank was documented meticulously on the YouTube channel ND Woodworking Art. This initiative began with a rudimentary structure: a steel box frame married to pneumatic rubber wheels to establish the base for the future tank.

Phase One: The Base

The initial stage involved the integration of an electric motor into the basic frame. This motor is particularly important for it supplies eco-friendly propulsion, thus aligning the project with sustainable practices. A chain drive system and tank treads were also added to complete the foundation, transforming it into a functional unit.

Phase Two: The Superstructure

Once the foundational elements were in place, attention was shifted to constructing the upper portion of the tank. A robust metal frame was designed and attached to the existing base. This served as the skeleton that would later receive the wooden cladding, emulating the appearance of the STRV 103.

Phase Three: The Wooden Finish

The next step involved the team of craftsmen at ND Woodworking Art skillfully cutting and crafting wooden contours that mirrored the design of the STRV 103. These wooden pieces were meticulously fitted onto the metal superstructure, thereby inching the project closer to completion.

Phase Four: Accessories and Final Touches

As a final layer of authenticity, the exterior of the tank was adorned with wooden replicas of gas tanks and shovels. Moreover, the tank was equipped with an ingenious hydraulic system that would lower the front of the vehicle to facilitate easy entry for Văn Đạo’s son.

Concluding the Journey

Upon the project’s completion, Văn Đạo and his son took the tank for a test run, navigating roads and open fields with ease. This venture serves as a testament to the boundless potential of woodworking and showcases how paternal dedication can drive innovative projects.

By opting for an electric motor, the tank not only becomes an operational marvel but also an eco-friendly one. It encapsulates a seamless blend of tradition, represented by woodworking skills, and modernity, depicted by the incorporation of an electric motor and elements from popular culture like video games.


Trương Văn Đạo’s endeavor of constructing a life-sized, drivable wooden tank for his son is not merely a personal project but an expansive showcase of craft, innovation, and family commitment. It’s a harmonious integration of woodworking, metalwork, and sustainable engineering. Every step of this complex build, starting from conceptualization to its stellar finish, has been documented on his YouTube channel, providing a rich narrative of a father’s love manifested through skilled craftsmanship and ingenious design.