Unique Metal And Wood Observational Tower In Netherlands by Ateliereen Architecten

Ateliereen Architecten has suggested a metallic and wood setup for a monitoring tower in Peize, Netherlands. Their plan is to build a more resistant, permeable and lively structure.

The project was created so that individuals climbing the tower will have particular perspectives. This tower is also readily assembled from screws and bolts.

In the architects. Nature area De Onlanden is located southwest of the city of Groningen. To enhance the experience of this valuable website, Natuurmonumenten constructed a viewing tower in this area.

From the tower, you also have a beautiful view, and you can follow the progression of the new nature. The tower is a sober landmark in the open countryside; identifiable, but suitable to the surroundings.
Rather than focusing on the lookout point, the road to it’s designed as an adventure. During the walk to the surface that you don’t have the feeling of being in a tower but on a path between trees.

A visitor gets in two places extra information about the view. At about 9 meters is the first opinion. Then the stairs create a big bend and continue up to the second checkpoint. At 20 meters height there that the next moment of opinion towards the “new nature” of the Onlanden.

Along with at an elevation of about 25 meters, is a panoramic view of the Onlanden and management Groningen.

The primary supporting structure and the stairs are melted together in a continuous shape. Large triangular of wooden slats cover the sides and bottom of the staircase. This turns the tower to some playful structure. During the climb, there is sometimes full view, and elsewhere the opinion is limited.

h/t archdaily