Artist Aakash Nihalani’s Projection Art Springs to Life with Hand Movement

Aakash Nihalani, the artist, famous for his whimsical masking tape Illusions, has just sent word that he's created a new body of work called Projections. In this exciting new series, cubic designs are projected onto a white wall, becoming an interactive canvas for the viewer. By using coding and motion software, the sensor picks up the viewer's hand movement on the projection and, in real time, changes the overall appearance of the piece.

As he describes it, "Like with my street installations, these works not only invite human interaction but cannot fully exist without it, eventually exposing as much of the person as the piece itself. The viewer has always been an inherent element in my street art, bringing the work to life by producing an unusual experience for each interacting with it. I wanted to explore translating this real relationship into a digital one."

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