Artist Uses Vintage File Folders and Index Cards to Create Geometric Collages

Augustine Kofie creates collages that use file folders, index cards, and steno notepads from the ’50s through ’80s that were seen while scouring the contents of Los Angeles estate sales. Kofie decides to collect vintage materials from before the dawn of the digital age, a time when data took up physical space rather than gigabytes on an external hard drive.

The passion for assembling these particular paper forms comes from his fascination with historical forms of organization, the physical pen-to-paper process of keeping information tidy. After creating collages from the papers in different colors and weights, he uses a ballpoint pen, silkscreen, and acrylic ink to draw shapes and lines over the top. These resulting collages have an engineered appearance, built forms with interlocking lines that simulate the accuracy of a building’s blueprint.

Via Colossal