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Astonishingly Realistic Wood Carvings Look Good Enough to Eat

Wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki has us totally fooled with his realistic food creations. Hand-carving blocks of wood down to absolute perfection, he then paints his pieces to mimic the elaborate shading and details that are commonly found in each food item—you would never be able to guess that his sardines began their lives on land instead of the sea. Just be cautious not to mistake Kawasaki’s creations for the real thing, or you might lose a tooth to a piece of driftwood that looks a lot like a fascinating chocolate bar.

The delectable-looking pieces take about 2-3 hours to finish, which is amazing regarding the amount of detail apparent within each tiny recreation. While some are just lovely decorative pieces, often he attaches an element of functionality to his carvings, such as turning petite peppers into chopstick rests. Kawasaki’s skillful handiwork demonstrates a high level of artistry. He constantly posts new carvings to his Instagram account.

via Rocket News 24

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