Google Project Loon will Provide Internet to Puerto Rico Using Balloons

Since 2013, Google's Project Loon has been creating a network of stratospheric balloons developed to provide internet connectivity to the two-thirds of the world's population with no link. One of the founding principles intends to bring people back online following the events of natural disasters. After class four hurricane maria caused significant damage to Puerto Rico's transit infrastructure, as well as much more, project loon's team has been working with the country's authorities to bring the balloon-powered net to the aid the hardest hit parts of the island.

After launching a group of balloons from Nevada, the US, fundamental communication and internet activities, like sending text messages and obtaining information online, are now readily available for individuals with LTE enabled telephones. Although still running an extensive and constant series of developments, including 500,000 km journey, the technology is still experimental and new. However, they intend to keep the balloons functioning for as long as they are capable and needed.