Human-sized sculptures made of organic materials by Olga Ziemska

Olga Ziemska is a Polish-American artist and public artist who creates sculptures and art installations utilizing numerous organic materials. In among her ongoing projects entitled Stillness moving: The Matka Collection, the artist creates gorgeous sculptures of females using tree branches and the end results are impressive.

The artist states that the concept to begin the project came to her while journeying to Poland back in 2003. She created the very first sculpture throughout her residency at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. She decided to proceed making the figures after seeing that her work reverberated with people.
Olga is presently thinking about how the natural surroundings and the organic native elements utilized to make each of her sculptures would definitely impact each sculpture’s visual appeal and tone.
Throughout the years, Olga has made sculptures across the globe, like Romania and Korea, and continuously attempts to use materials belonging to the region.

“I think that the natural environment and materials of a given country or area will reflect through the work and may shed light on how our natural surroundings affect us and help us in the creation of our culture and identity,” says the artist. “It may show indications of how our environment is us and makes us who we are.”
“The world around me offers all the materials, elements and conditions that I need to create work and be inspired,” says Olga. “I think that paying attention, staying open and receptive, and keeping an inquisitive perspective that is full of awe about the world around you is key to creativity and the creative process.”
Olga says she’s an endless observer. “I am often the outsider looking in, left to quietly peer into the world, turning around me with a sensitive perception to moments when interesting and newly discovered connections are made, and new ideas spring forth,” says the artist.
Olga adds that as an artist, her function is to see these moments as often as possible, recognize them, and synthesize them into a physical or observable form. “The process of creating in and of itself is deeply inspiring,” says the artist.