Ilhwa Kim creates landscapes from thousands of composed paper seeds

It all starts with blank, white paper. Then with a lot of hard work from Ilha Kim, we get real pieces of art. She is a South Korean artist based in Seoul. She says that she is "probably a sculptor of senses." During art-making, Kim is interested in how his thoughts are organized when she notices a piece or a spot. The way the artist arranges everything in place, the way she can prioritize and find the order is astonishing. It's all connected from the primary touch to the very end.
Kim creates his breathtaking landscapes with heavy tools. She uses countless paper seeds, sections of densely stuffed folds, and colorful gaps that coil through the enormous works. Also, the artist manages the material, meaning that the tone, umbra, and construction of the final items change anytime you look at them. The process converts the initial element into permanent parts that follow the pure lifeform and eventually evolve into more monumental figures.
Kim's solo show is planned for September 2021 at HOFA Gallery in London.