Incredible Surreal and Hyper-Realistic Sculptures By Andy Wright

Andy Wright is an artist whose passion is a sculpture in every style, from hyper-realism to surreal and classical sculptures. He creates artworks of famous people that look so real you can almost feel like you are in the same room as they are.

“Being a sculptor I have a fascination with bodies and how they move. It goes with the territory. And the more you learn about them, the more they intrigue as you keep learning about them. I’m also interested in the beauty of design and application. To create graceful and unusual figurative bronze sculpture. And it’s this combination of concepts that I will be exploring in the future. Figures that slip from reality into myth and dreams. That seems somewhat unearthly, yet reality-based.”

Anatomy and figure sculpture is Andy’s other passion. In his own time, he creates a range of figurative sculptures of the original design, models of which are available in bronze. He gives the pieces movement, gesture, harmony, and avoids the ordinary design. To make them unforgettable.

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