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Stop Making Excuses. Become a Working Artist Today!

You’ve put this off for far too long! You’ve hidden your talent under a bushel and left if neglected for years while you’ve striven to earn the money to keep a roof over your head. But while you need to earn a living is certainly important, you shouldn’t underestimate how important it is for your mental health and general wellbeing to scratch your creative itch. Ah, but who has the time? You work long hours and at the end of long days work you likely haven’t the energy to set up your easel or your potter’s wheel or whatever tools or medium you use to express yourself. Not when you have dinner to make and reality TV shows to watch. Right? But neglecting your natural talents is rarely a positive outcome. Furthermore, by taking the time to practice and refine your talent, you can earn a substantial income that can supplement or even supersede your income from your day job. If your lack of creative expression is keeping you up at night and eroding a key part of your personality, it’s time to turn things around…

Creativity (of any sort) is good for your health

Indulging in any creative enterprise, even if the end product never sees the light of day, is a worthwhile endeavor in its own right. Whether you dust the cobwebs off your easel, reignite your passion for acting or singing with a local theatre group or rekindle your writing skills through a blog there are intrinsic health benefits. Creativity relieves stress, facilitates higher brain function benefits mental health, lifts a low mood and even helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.   

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Selling your art is easier than ever

There was a time when the world of art was an inherently elitist landscape. Now, the rise and rise of digital media has proven a great leveler. Not only has design software like Photoshop and ProCreate allowed greater ease than ever for those who excel in art and design to create bold work quickly, easily and for a relatively low cost, it’s also provided a number of platforms through which artists can sell their work.

Selling your art on Etsy or Shopify is an easy way to monetize your talent. Be aware, however, that it’s a good idea to grow a sizeable inventory before you start to sell your wares as Etsy’s search algorithms favor artists with an inventory of 100 items or more. There are a plethora of services that will print your digital creations to the highest standards and courier services like Shiply will ship your products wherever you wish quickly and reliably. Over time, as you begin to sell your work online you will grow in confidence while making a little extra pocket money.

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Sharing can be giving

For many creatively inclined people, monetary gain is far less important than sharing their work with others. This is why social media, particular platforms like Instagram or Vero, can be so giving to an artist. Your friends and family will likely lavish your work with praise while a community of fellow artists will be able to offer you helpful advice and constructive criticism if you are open to it.

You always have the time

With so many benefits from building confidence and improving health to making a little extra income, there is really no excuse not to take the time to reconnect with your creative self. If you’re really pressed for time get up an hour early and take to the canvas before you wake your kids or your significant other. You’ll be glad you did!