Tammy Kanat’s Wonders in Wool: An Australian Artist with an Innovating Approach

All images © Tammy Kanat, shared with permission

Tammy Kanat is a contemporary artist from Australia who has been weaving abstract wall hangings for ten years. Silky fringes, woven labels, and tasseled cushions were also utilized to create an entirely natural look. Her work builds on tufted wool, concentric circles in linen, and fringed silk motifs carried by lopsided brass rings to evoke organic forms and naturally occurring patterns. She often uses abstract patterns when she weaves her pieces to add an element of experimentation and creativity.

One of the most abstract things about Kanat's work is that you can't tell if there was any planning or intent behind it at all! "I consider my weavings to be a novel as I work on one chapter at a time until the end. Not knowing what the conclusion will be, drives me forward and engaged. I've been working on more complex woven forms, inspired by my surroundings in nature," she adds. "I've grown more interested and intrigued with the tedious, step-by-step process of weaving and have experimented with one knot at a time."

In her most recent work, A Woven Metaphor, Kanat utilizes more angled frames with vivid gradients spreading outward. The wall coverings are "charming because of their shapes and colors, which gradually draw you into the work. "It's a very soothing fragrance that gradually grows lighter on the inside and darker on the outside. It's a unique scent," she adds. "The works are a mix of complexity and simplicity."

On Instagram, Kanat maintains a forum for fans to learn about and see some of her weaving and shaping processes. You can check out an archive of her pieces as well as her 10-year project on her site.