Unpredictable Patterns by João Bruno Videira: Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Woolen Yarn

Woolen yarn is a fiber that has been used for centuries to create beautiful objects. In João Bruno Videira’s hands, woolen fiber takes on a new life by creating intricate patterns from brightly colored threads. Each of his pieces becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art that anybody who values beauty and creativity may enjoy when the lines are interlaced in geometric forms with mathematical precision.
“I come from a family of wool growers. My mother was once a teacher, but she was also very active in producing Arraiolos carpets, a typical type of carpet in Portugal. And the wool I use is identical to that used by my mother,” says Videira. “Cotton, for example, is a natural fiber that has distinct qualities—resistance, malleability, texture, and color—compared to other plant materials. And my designs reflect this distinction.”
From yarn-covered benches and chairs to wool “paintings” that resemble abstract art, Videira finds numerous methods to integrate his artistry into furniture and design. “Nature and its many forms have an important influence in terms of creative inspiration,” he adds. The inspiration can be seen in the wool stones and a group of trees and roots, among other things. “Geometry also appeals to me, and it may be found in all of my work.”
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