Comfortable and Beautiful: 6 Nice-Looking Car Interiors

Photo by Oliur on Unsplash

A good car should be gorgeous in everything - even if you are going to visit Australia and pick up a car rental for a short time. Often, when buying or renting a car, we look only at its appearance, but the driver spends more time inside. The inconvenient interior is able to darken all the impressions of the vehicle and give a solid disappointment to the driver. Therefore, you need to carefully select a car not only by a particular brand or size but also by interior comfort.

Contrary to the opinion of many drivers, the car doesn’t have to cost several hundred thousand dollars to be comfortable and beautiful inside. That’s why the following list of the most beautiful car salons includes cars of all price segments…

Bentley Bentayga

Photo by Tiguan1229

Bentley Bentayga is the most luxurious crossover, which is the embodiment of years of experience. This is one of the most powerful and fast representatives, and its price is almost $280,000. In terms of the interior, Bentayga is among the leaders in the rating. What features does it have?

· Leather interior has a pleasant softness. The seats are decorated with diamond stitching, which is Bentley's signature style. Each one has a logo.

· There are 15 color options for leather and several types of wooden trim.

· Classic watches with gorgeous diamonds on the dashboard emphasize all the status and luxury of the model.

· The car is equipped with a premium-class audio system and smart driver assistance tools.

· Comfortable seats with a massage function will allow the driver to fully enjoy the moment and feel at his best.

Maserati Levante

Photo by iBSSR

Levante is the first crossover released by Maserati. Despite the debut, it turned out, as it should for a large auto empire - chic and incomparable. The cost of the car varies between $75,000 and $85,000. What does each driver get in Maserati Levante?

· The interior is covered with very expensive leather. The plastic is soft and pleasant to the touch. In some places, there are wooden or aluminum inserts.

· The dashboard contains everything you need - control is done on an intuitive level.

· Amazingly comfortable seats for both the driver and passengers will give comfort on the road and a feeling of relaxation.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Photo by iBSSR

Despite quite modest technical characteristics, the interior of Alfa Romeo is always on top. The model Giulia is presented in the Italian artistic style with a leather interior and elegant wooden accents. Its cost is about $50,000, and it has the following interior features:

· Delightful creamy leather, stitched with white thread

· A large number of metal inserts don’t spoil the interior, and complement the beauty and elegance;

· Comfortable steering wheel and control systems are pleasant and easy to use;

· The large and functional touch screen fits perfectly into an elegant panel;

· The accuracy and quality of the design of Giulia create the impression of a work of art.

Buick Lacrosse

Photo by John Shirley

The Buick team has greatly updated the interior of its latest model. As a result, the car is among the winners. The price for Lacrosse is about $50,000. For this money, the driver will be able to experience such pleasant interior details as:

· The feeling of spaciousness and roominess created by the wide windows;

· Front two-tier panel with leather and wooden inserts gives a serious look and throws away all unnecessary.

· Front seats with massage functions are very comfortable, while spacious rear seats will bring pleasure to passengers.

MINI Countryman

Photo by bigblogg. motoring

Despite its small size, in this model, the MINI developers did everything to provide maximum comfort and convenience. The capacity of the cabin allows you to absolutely quietly sit there for five adults, without feeling a sense of constriction. The cost of Countryman varies from $25,000 to $40,000, depending on the configuration. The interior of MINI offers:

· An unusual appearance of the front panel with round inserts for devices will appeal to the fans of original interiors;

· An interesting solution for control buttons - they look like airplane toggle switches;

· In general, the salon is made of very high-quality and pleasant materials.

· Countryman is a car for those who love experiments and are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Lexus LC 500

photo by Charles

The bright, extravagant design of the new Lexus attracts attention, but thanks to the perfect combination of colors don’t give a repulsive effect. The cost of the model is from $92,000 to $103,000. The interior decoration ideally combines such materials as soft leather, velour, and carbon. That’s why the car looks so impressive. Other features of Lexus LC 500 are:

· The front panel is covered in leather and sewn by hand;

· The seats have a very comfortable anatomical shape. They will be comfortable to anyone;

· The oval configuration of the steering wheel makes the control process as enjoyable as possible;

· The sporty look of the interior decoration and the excellent quality of the materials will satisfy everyone.