Karlmann King Releases Batmobile looking ‘Ground Stealth Fighter’ Armored SUV

Karlmann king's 'ground stealth fighter' is an advanced armored SUV that belongs to the Batcave. The luxury automobile is manufactured by a group of 1,800 individuals and requires some 30,000 hours to finish one vehicle. Featuring a 6.8 l V10 engine that could deliver over 360 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque, joined with a six-speed automatic transmission, the powerful SUV's maximum rate is 140 km/h (87 mph).

At 2.5 meter wide this six-tonne monster in matt black is a survival car that looks great in and from survival mode. The vehicle is designed to operate in extreme temperatures, from 40°C around 90°C and using its futuristic sharp edges this one feels like it could live until the end of the earth.

The interior is really impressive overly decorated in Alcantara, golden danger, gold colored panels, and darkish decorated wood. Using a limousine-level back passenger compartment separated from the front chairs by a panel concealing a retractable wide-screen tv with space for a PlayStation 4, a Nespresso machine, a mini refrigerator, a tiny secure and Apple TV if desired, in addition to electrically operated pop-out tables and a rainbow of mood light. Furthermore, the company may install audio-visual entertainment systems if required and also satellite internet can be available.

Priced at 12 million yuan, or $1.85 million/$1.6 million, the SUV represents a growing tendency of investment across richer parts of Beijing and Shanghai where buyers are opting to personalize cars more and more to be able to make them exceptional.

h/t designboom