A Designer Created GOT Inspired Plush Chair

I will ensure that Game of Thrones could have looked much cooler had they put this polystyrene filled, wool felt chair rather. Maybe not cooler, but playful. The Narl Chair is an Omnidirectional rocking chair, using a foundation made from high-density polyurethane foam and foam conceal.

Narl is this NYCxDesign student design award's winner, and there is an excellent reason for this. Carl Durkow, the designer of the Narl Chair, said "when an adult sits at the Narl chair, their toes are not able to touch the floor, and they've reverted to a childlike state. A Montessori philosophy is about empowering children by giving them furniture so that their feet can touch the ground, scaled to their size. I want to attain the opposite of this." An enjoyable and exciting seat is everything you did not know that you wanted.