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The Value of Foam in the Design Industry

Engineers appreciate foam for its wide range of capabilities. Many are often unaware of how versatile it can be. Selecting the right material for your project can be difficult. However, foam offers a variety of physical characteristics such as shape retention, water-resistance, and tensile strength that make it the ideal material for a variety of projects. 

Recently, PopFoam participated at the International Design Conference in Chicago, a conference put on by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). The overarching theme for this conference was celebrating “well designed” products that utilize Injection Molded Foam in their design. PopFoam’s theme was to excite the design community and cultivate ideas for a great product that uses the PopFoam Injection Molded Foam process. At their booth, they displayed products like a designer brand handbag, the One World Play Project Futbol, and a few other products that display the use of PopFoam. 

An invitation for more foam collaboration

It’s important for the bettering of products that a designer’s talents and creativity are utilized during the development of a product. The International Design Conference allows PopFoam to network and develop relationships with designers and design firms around the world. These new relationships open a door for bigger and better product ideas - and an opportunity to discuss PopFoam’s process as a resource for product design and development.

Let’s talk foam

This year, the International Design Conference provided an opportunity to inform a lot of attendees about PopFoam and its mission. Representatives were able to showcase products and demonstrate how the Injection Molded Foam process sets products apart. Speaking with all types of designers allowed PopFoam representatives more insight into the current state and climate of the designer industry.