How to Have a Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoot

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash

Let’s agree that weddings are usually impeccably beautiful. If it’s your wedding, you want everything to be just like you imagined it while planning – perfect dress, perfect suit, perfect hair. You check out a wedding photography website and look for valuable ideas for your photoshoots and so on and so forth. It’s all good, but after that stunning wedding experience, you might want to consider trashing your wedding dress.

It’s an extremely fun tradition that is being supported by millions of couples all over the world. Of course, it won’t fit everyone without exceptions. For instance, if you received your dress as a gift from your mother and want to pass it to your daughter. Or if your dress is too expensive, so you’d prefer to keep it in a sealed box after the wedding day. In this case, this might not be for you. But if you consider trying it, this article will be of help. Let’s take a look at some trash the wedding dress ideas that might help you pull off this event and brighten up your life.

Some main rules for trashing the wedding dress

To do some truly amazing ‘trash the dress’ wedding photos you’ll have to trash your dress at least to some degree. In this case, the more the better might not be the most accurate. But the more the funnier definitely sounds more realistic.

One of the essential aspects here is planning. Here is a shortlist of things you have to think through way ahead of the photoshoot:

  • Decide which location will be the best for your creative ideas
  • Choose the right photographer whose portfolio you like
  • Decide on a hairstyle and makeup you can’t go wrong with
  • Buy shoes that are both pretty and convenient for the occasion
  • Consider what will be packed in your bag to help you through the event

One more really important thing is to look through some trash-the-dress wedding photos to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t. Even the best photographer may not guess what would be best for you and your partner, so take time to think everything through in advance and discuss it with your photographer.

Photo by Anna Utochkina 

Trash the wedding dress on a beach

This option is probably one of the most popular among the newlywed couple, and it’s not a coincidence. What can be more romantic than a bride running along the shoreline of a blue ocean gently touching her bare feet and a light breeze blowing her curls around? What can be more visually attractive than a couple sitting on white sand, watching the sunset together and dreaming about a future life together?

There are dozens of different scenarios for the dress trashing on the beach. Some couples like to jump in synchrony throwing the sand around, others prefer a more gentle approach with more pictures of them kissing under palm trees. All of it is highly individual, but at the same time so amazingly suitable for just about everybody in their own unrepeatable ways.

Go underwater to make it truly unique

This might sound a bit crazy, but underwater wedding photography trash the dress shoots are becoming more and more popular. Many people fall in love with this idea right away, and it’s not surprising. Instead of wearing a conventional swimsuit to dive into the ocean, you wear your actual wedding dress (or the one bought particularly for a trash-the-dress photo shoot). How surprised will everybody flipping through your wedding album be! And you still have a chance of getting it done before it turns into a mass trend.

Diving while wearing a wedding dress and formal suit might be a challenge, though. It’s not convenient, you might say. The water might be cold. But don’t be discouraged, all these questions have answers if you find somebody who has experience. There are photographers who know all the specifics and can guide you through the process.  

This idea is also great as a part of a bigger picture. You can go for playing at the ocean shore, rolling in the sand, enjoying all the beach activities, running to the water and making final photographs from this unexpected underwater angle. If you decide to proceed with this plan, don’t forget to pack the bag with all the necessary stuff. Even if the weather is good and the water is warm, you will probably want to change into dry clothes right away.

Photo by Alice Alinari 

Try playing with colors

In recent years, the Indian festival of color went viral and people started using color bombs for many different occasions such as concerts, parties, and marathons. Consider a funny imaginary fight with your partner where you throw those color bombs at each other. It might symbolize – instead of throwing offensive comments – that you’re be throwing different colors to brighten up your life together.

In this scenario, you will have lots of fun and gorgeous trash the dress wedding pictures that will definitely amaze all the viewers as they won’t lack brightness and different colors. Imagine printing them in a large format and putting them to glitter in a sunny room of your house. Happy smiles and a good mood are guaranteed!

Just be creative!

There can be plenty of other ideas to have this photoshoot done in the most memorable way for your couple. If you like animals, you can find a couple of pairs of nice cowboy boots and play on the farm wearing that beautiful dress and a fancy suit.

Rolling in the hay in your formal attire – how cool is that! Or if you like hiking, grab your backpacks as accessories and hit the dusty road accompanied by your photographer. They say destroying is easier than creating, so there should be no problems with coming up with more ideas on how to trash that lovely dress.

To sum up, all we discussed above, take a look at this trash the wedding dress photoshoot in Punta Cana. It definitely looks like a couple had a blast during this session. So, would you like something like that? It wouldn’t be too hard now that you know how to follow the trashing wedding dress tradition in a quite memorable and picturesque way. Be brave and be creative, and get as much pleasure out of it as you can.