A Collection of Colorfully Illustrated 19th-Century Biological Fauna by Ernst Haeckel

German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel committed his life studying much-flung fauna and flora, drawing each of their odd specificities having a large scientific detail. Haeckel made hundreds of such renderings throughout his lifetime, works which were used to describe his biological discoveries to a broad audience. In addition to those visual histories, Haeckel also found many microbes, even coined several scientific conditions known now, such as ecology, phylum, and stem cell.

A brand new book from Taschen titled The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel summarize the 19th-century artist-biologist‘s most crucial visual functions and publications across a hefty 704 pages. The compendium comprises 450 drawings, watercolors, and sketches from his research, which has been in substantial aid of Darwin’s theory of development.

You can find out more about the collection of examples and Haeckel’s discoveries on Taschen’s website